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El Mas de Tous

The Mas de Tous is a farmhouse in rural farmhouse tourism above the nineteenth century and is located in the town of Sant Martí de Tous, in the region of Anoia (Barcelona).

The house is isolated but surrounded by a magnificent landscape of forests and fields, a very quiet place ideal to accommodate families or groups.

He has three double rooms, also he has two bathrooms (one with shower), cooks totally equipped and dining room with chimney and tv with parabolic, swimming pool and a great barbecue totally reformed in the exterior of the housing.

It is a very suitable for hiking and cycling:
About 15 minutes walk away is the dam of Sant Martí de Tous, and other natural sights such as "Fou."

The house is just 60 minutes from the city of Barcelona
and 2 hours from Andorra.

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